Expand Your Universe With InfoMagnus And GitHub.

As a GitHub Preferred Partner, we carry GitHub accreditations and provide training and tailored consulting to meet your most ambitious GitHub, DevOps, and Cloud Modernization needs.

With a focus on the Developer Experience, Security and AI, we have the expertise you seek to help expand your universe.

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InfoMagnus at GitHub Universe: Pioneering Tomorrow's Tech Landscape.

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Transformative AI: Where Code Meets Intelligence.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence is no longer optional—it's imperative.

For CTOs and engineering managers looking to sustain a competitive advantage, and for developers striving to stay on the cutting edge, InfoMagnus provides the arsenal you need.

The future of AI is happening now. Let InfoMagnus serve as your gateway to an AI-powered tomorrow.

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Security Reimagined: Vigilant, Smart, and Ahead of the Curve.

Security concerns keeping you up at night?

As technology leaders and seasoned experts in the field, you know that a breach is more than an incident—it's a destabilizing event.

As certified Advanced Security experts, InfoMagnus brings the expertise you need to build security into the daily work of your developers using GitHub Advanced Security – in GitHub or Azure – ensuring that you can rest easy.

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Peak DevEx: Cultivating Your Ideal Development Ecosystem.

For the ambitious newcomer and the discerning tech leader alike, the quality of your Development Experience (DevEx) can make or break your project and your teams.

InfoMagnus specializes in fine-tuning your DevOps process, weaving your tools together so they work in harmony transforming your workflow into a work of art.

Expanding Your Tech Universe, One Commit at a Time.
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